Monday, March 01, 2010

My first aerial acrobatics class!

Sunday I had my first aerial acrobatics class at Aircraft Aerial Arts* with Jill Maio. It was so much fun! The class consisted of three women (including me) who had never been on the equipment (corde lisse, aerial silk, and static trapeze) before. Jill (patiently) taught us basic skills such as how to climb the ropes, how to pose on the silks, how to go upside-down, and how to do seated and standing poses on the trapeze. I was able to do much more than I had expected--and it wasn't scary at all! I signed up for a 7-class introductory series this March through April. Cirque du Soleil, here I come!

* This place is really convenient--it is a 5-minute walk from Inman.

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