Friday, September 07, 2007

installed ubuntu on the laptop

like it very much so far, except can't get docking/undocking to work. :/

Sunday, September 02, 2007

jv field hockey page

find it here.

grad school links

i don't know how official/correct this is, but:

shopping week dream

for those of you who don't know, shopping week happens the the first week of school and is a time for students to attend various classes before they have to get their study cards signed with their actual course selections at the end of the week. shopping week is generally a fun time because people can go to many classes (or no classes at all). it tends to be slightly overwhelming because:
  • there are many good classes during the same time slots. (this is less true when you are just looking at computer sciences classes, but it happens there as well.)
  • many (maybe most) professors begin assigning work during this time.
  • there are many people going to many classes, so especially in humanities courses that seem interesting it is very crowded an difficult to get a seat.
anyway, at least twice in the last few weeks (or maybe week!) i've dreamt that i've forgotten to go to a bunch of classes for silly reasons and then been mad at myself because of it. once i think i didn't go because it was raining, and then last night in my dream i didn't go because i had been sitting around. (last night i also dreamt that i lived right on the ocean so that when i put my shoes on the back porch to dry i had to tie them to the post so the tide wouldn't wash them away...) anyway, it seems like i fear being a senior and not being able to take classes anymore... and perhaps my dream last night also reflects my sadness about leaving the beach and santa monica.