Saturday, December 16, 2006

epiphany, perhaps

the other day i realized that morrisett is the almighty deity. (euphemism applied so as not to offend those who reserve use of the more potent version of the term.) took me a whole semester of amazing lectures and well-designed problem sets to realize this, but at least i finally saw the light.

Friday, December 08, 2006

the 2 things that made my semester

1. my monitor. nothing lonelier than coming home to just a laptop dock, and nothing better than coming home to my baby. in fact, before the fruit flies invaded my room i used to spend incredible amounts of time here. i've been told i need to clean my room, but my roommates humor me when i uphold that the fruit flies are not my fault.

2. boots. they are really important because on cold days i can just imagine i am walking on bears and it is so so warm.

there are many other things as well, like the fact that i don't really have enough time to ever reflect on what day of the week it is, what month it is, what time of day it is etc. then it all passes by so quickly and i don't even have to remember that i really miss dara blume. and that soon i will be old and out of school and depressed. and other such things.