Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bold Sell public speaking competition

Yesterday I attended the finals of the Bold Sell Competition, where contestants have to pitch a product they've never seen before using 6 slides they see as the audience sees them. (The organized has a blog post about this here.) This year's competition, a collaboration between the MIT Sloan Sales Club and the Harvard Business School Public Speaking Club, was completely hilarious. Contestants had to sell products from sinus-cleaning snakes to human-powered transport balls with all kinds of wacky target markets (a young Bill Gates sitting by CRT running an early version of Microsoft; a jail-bound Martha Stewart), revenue models, marketing teams (male dancers wearing only shiny lame shorts), competitive advantages (, and descriptions of the competition. Below I include the video of the first place winner from this year; there are more videos here. There is a video of last year's winner here.