Monday, February 08, 2010

Classy Asian Ladies

From Eugene.

If you are a single white man who loves Asian ladies,, an "Exclusive Upscale Online Dating Service," is what you need. The site boasts:

Our beautiful Asian ladies all live in the US already. They will not try to marry you to get a “green card” or to become financially dependent upon you.

In the "Why Asian Women" section, the site says:

It seems that in today’s society the average woman is becoming very competitive and even a bit more masculine than their counterparts in earlier generations. All the while it seems to be just the opposite is taking place for Asian women who tend to retain their sense of femininity and well-known cultural attitude of gentle and caring support.

On one hand, such a thing seems racist, sexist, and wrong. On the other hand, this may provide an efficient way for "classy Asian ladies" to find the "high quality, sincere gentlemen" they've been looking for*. Thea Lim has a nice Racialicious post makes a good argument for the former**: that this site perpetuates oppressive stereotypes of Asian women and encourages the sexual solipsism of white males seeking the ideal submissive mate.

* Like the controversial Ashley Madison, a dating site for married people--"have an affair, guaranteed!"
** I don't agree with Lim that homogenizing a race of people is bad a priori.

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