Friday, February 19, 2010

Aircraft launch: aerial acrobatics in Boston

Tonight I went to the Aircraft launch, the opening party for Aircraft Aerial Arts, a new aerial acrobatics school in Somerville*.

The party was (and the studio is) in this cool space in a garage on Webster Ave. in Somerville. There was a silks apparatus, a hoop, and a static trapeze hanging from the ceiling and then space around to watch. Through the course of the night there were various performances, including one performance by owner Jill Maio in the back room with an extra-high silks apparatus. Jill also did this awesome maneuver where she took down the silks apparatus and hung up a cord lisse by climbing up the silks, hooking up the cord lisse, and switching over.

In between the performances people drank wine and hung out. It was an interesting scene--the studio was filled with people from the Boston circus/acrobatics community and other random curious people (like me). I was told that Boston has quite a strong and growing circus/acro community.

Thanks to Ben Reynolds for telling me about this event!

* I am really excited about taking up aerial acrobatics! I signed up for a silks class next weekend. Thanks, Amy Cohen, for telling me about all these cool circus things. :)