Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bed Buddy: another ergonomic secret

Another item people have seen me using and commented on what a good idea it was is my Bed Buddy, which is this rice pillow you can put in the microwave and then on your neck/shoulders/back. I use it every day; it generates moist heat (as opposed to the dry heat you get with the self-heating pads) that is quite effective for relieving muscle soreness/tension.


Greg P. said...

Ergonomics question: I am terrified that I am sitting inappropriately and that in 10 years my back will be revolting against me. Since you seem to know a thing or two about such matters, do you have any tips on how I should be sitting at the computer? Is it, for example, worth it to invest in a fancy ergonomic chair?

Jean said...

It is worth it to invest in a fancy ergonomic chair, although I haven't found one that is both fancy and affordable. I was sitting in a $100 Ikea chair for a while and I could definitely tell the difference between that and my office chair, but that is because I have an injury. If you are not injured spending a couple hundred on a chair is still not a bad idea.

As for how to sit, you want to make sure:
1. Joints at 90 degree angles. (Keyboard on lap might help; footrest might help although you probably don't need it because you are so tall). This is so you don't get random pressure on any part of your body.
2. Top of monitor is about arm's length away and the top is eye levelish.
3. The back of your neck is straight up and down--your neck is not angled forward.
4. You have decent lumbar support.
5. You also want to type with your wrists on the same plane as your forearms.

Basically all of this is common sense for people in the previous generation who were brought up to do things the proper way, but our generation is really feeling the consequences of sloppy posture.

Greg P. said...

That was very helpful! Thanks a bunch :-)