Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tom Swifties

My friend Eirik told me about Tom Swifties, which are phrases in which a pun links a quote to the manner in which it is spoken. Some excellent examples:
  • "I unclogged the drain with a vacuum cleaner," Tom said succinctly.
  • "I might as well be dead," Tom croaked.
  • "They had to amputate them both at the ankles," Tom said defeatedly.
  • "Who discovered radium?" asked Marie curiously.
  • "I dropped the toothpaste," signaled Tom, crestfallen.
  • "Have I been emasculated?" Tom demanded.
  • "Dat's de end of April," said Tom in dismay.
  • "Here's someone who can't speak!" exclaimed Tom dumbfoundedly.
  • "I'd like chicken soup with matzo balls and gefilte fish," said Tom judiciously.

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