Friday, August 01, 2008

Some articles from the entire summer

I forgot that I had a blog that nobody reads.  I apologize; it is very easy to neglect such a small (or nonexistent?) readership.  Here are some articles from the entire summer and some brief commentary:
  • With No Frills or Tuition, a College Draws Notice - about a school in the Appalachian that charges no tuition and has students do very classic-American-dream things like farming.  A very good idea.  The Amherst guy they quote is a total goon: what they do is a great idea, but we don't need to do the same thing because all of our students come from wealthy families.  Um, think much?
  • So Popular and So Spineless - if I stooped to his level and declared logical bankruptcy, I would say that this article proves definitively that Thomas Friedman is a sensationalist goon.
  • Pope Warns on Environment - the Pope agrees that contributing to global warming is sinful.
  • 36 Hours in Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh is cool.

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prabhasp said...

so that's what you mean by "goon."