Friday, August 01, 2008

Beware the Longfellow!

Watch this news video to learn why maintenance on the Longfellow Bridge in Boston has slowed the subway.  Apparently the federal government has deemed the bridge too dangerous for travelling and at high risk of collapse, but the state government says it is okay.  The state compromised, however, by requiring the train to go slowly to minimize injuries when the train does derail.  A further precautionary measure is that the left lane of the bridge has been shut down because they think it might fall off the bridge.  Therefore we should feel safer that when the train does derail, it could derail onto the empty left lane, slowing its fall into the Charles River.

We should not worry so much, however, because the state government has repairmen on the bridge day and night!  This is the state's signal to us that they care about us enough to sacrifice some fraction for a repairman for each person who falls into the river when the train derails.

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