Sunday, January 10, 2010

How to have more sex with Richard Wiseman

Friday I went to How to have more sex with Richard Wiseman*, part of Richard Wiseman's book tour promoting 59 seconds, his new book busting myths from self-help books and providing tips and tricks based on psychology and other research. According to his Amazon biography, he has done research in "offbeat areas of psychology, including deception, humor, and luck" and is a "passionate advocated for science." He talked about things like magic tricks and how they take advantage of psychology, optical and aural illusions that take advantage of perception, and his experiences debunking myths of the paranormal (for instance, fire-walking). He showed us a few of his videos, including the amazing color changing card trick.

* It took me a while to realize that the talk title was based on talk titles that parse "How to have more sex, with Richard Wiseman."

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