Monday, September 07, 2009

Practicing tourism in San Francisco

This past weekend I was in San Francisco visiting my college roommates Aliza and Marianne (and their respective boyfriends, Jesse and David), both of whom spent the past year doing Teach for America (Aliza in Oakland; Marianne in New Orleans) and both of whom have much more grown-up lifestyles than I do. Every time I go to California I become quite envious of the good climate and food. Here are some activities I did this time around:
  • Went stand-up paddle surfing at the beach behind Aliza's house. Aliza's boyfriend Jesse works at a wind surfing shop where they have all sorts of equipment for doing fun water sports. This made me regret never surfing while I lived in Santa Monica! (Although doing these water sports in the bay is much less treacherous than doing them in the actual ocean.)
  • Hung out at Zeitgeist, a cool bar in the mission that had a secret (huge!) outdoor component.
  • Got a burrito in the mission. (This is apparently what you are supposed to do.)
  • Browsed the antique fair, where there are miles of all kinds of antiques: furniture, china, jewelry, books, etc.
  • Got a seitan Philly cheese steak at Triple Rock, a very good burger place. (My friends said it is a great burger place; I was happy to find that there were also some good selections for non-red-meat-eaters.) According to Jesse the beer aficionado, they also have a good beer selection.
  • Enjoyed some refreshment at Heinold's First and Last Chance, a historical bar where Jack London used to drink. (There are many other cool facts: the floor is slanted from the earthquake, etc.) This is in Jack London Square, where half of Jack London's Alaska cabin was transported (and the other half rebuilt). (The other half is in Dawson City, Yukon Territory as a result of disputes over who gets the cabin.)
  • Got ice cream at Fenton's, a very satisfying ice cream place (which was featured at the end of the movie Up).
Thanks to Aliza, Jesse, Marianne, and David for facilitating my practice of tourism! ;)

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Anonymous said...

I still remember the 1 mission burrito I managed to grab in my 1.5 days in SF. Nothing compares....