Monday, April 13, 2009

What will happen when tides turn?

China's gender gap is estimated to be 32 million: largely due to the one-child policy and selective abortion, there are 32 million more young males (under the age of 20) than young females. I can't imagine that the culture will continue to value baby boys for much longer. I once watched a documentary on the social unrest people fear resulting from a population of mostly young men, many of whom are unmarried with no change of marriage. When/how will this cause families to begin valuing baby girls? Will the scarcity of marriageable young women increase their societal value in healthy, productive ways or will it increase the degree to which women are objectified? Wjdk*.

* "We just don't know"--a phrase I borrow from my friend Joe Zimmerman.


jietang said...

32 million man army.

Joe said...

Actually, the phrase is from Look Around You:
I just decided to abbreviate it interwebs-style.

Also, is 32 million that many in proportion?

Euro said...

Actually, in cities, baby girls and boys are treated equal. Only in remote rural areas the inequality is severe.

Another point, one child policy does not really increase the gap as you think. In rural areas, those who want baby boys will keep giving birth until a boy is born. Also, selective abortion is strictly abandoned, but may be not obeyed in remote areas.