Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Illustrated BMI

I thought this was interesting. It has photographs of women with their weight and body mass index. Some comments:
  • I believe the purpose of this (or the purpose of links to this) was to show that "normal" is thin, "overweight" is normal, etc. Might also be a sign that America is becoming accustomed to seeing people of unhealthy weights. (When I go to foreign places--like France and LA--I am always shocked to realize that I am not nearly as thin as I thought I was...)
  • How is BMI being measured here? If you did a ratio of weight/height or something like that, that's not good enough because you don't factor in muscle mass. Not stating how BMI is measured makes pictures like "____ is 'overweight'--and a triathlete" less convincing...


Unknown said...

BMI is measured by height and weight, period. There is no other way of measuring BMI, as it is by definition (weight [kg] /height^2 [metres]). There is no adjustment for muscle mass, which is why athletes are more accurately assessed via body fat percentages instead.

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