Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Internet is great for holiday presents

The best presents I got for people this holiday season were:
  • A rubber stamp (with a red ink pad) of my boyfriend's face on it. I made the image using Gimp (a Linux version of Photoshop) and playing w/ the brightness/contrast and using the Cartoonize filter. I found the "STAMP OF APPROVAL" circle using Google image search. I had the stamp made at
  • A t-shirt for Jie and Rob (the two characters pictured on the shirt) with a picture of Jie licking Rob while both of them are ice cream cones. The picture is from an actual photograph; the ice cream paraphernalia is from Google image search. We made the shirts at (They are pink.)
Both presents came out very well, which is why I am inclined to do a little bit of free advertising for both companies.

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