Sunday, August 19, 2007

this is the most amazing thing in the world--i think i'm in love. rememberthemilk is a site integrated with google things that lets you make to-do lists using a very nicely done ajax interface.

some of the nice things about it are as follows:
  • you can have different categories of task--think firefox or igoogle tabs. (some default categories are personal, work, and study.)
  • you can set various things about a task, such as the due date and priority. you can get reminders via e-mail, IM, or SMS at a pre-specified period of time before the task due date.
  • you can have task contacts and send/receive tasks. you can also share tasks. (this seems really good for organizing things in clubs etc.)
  • the site has a really good look and feel and the ajax makes you feel like everything is very fast.
  • you can also use this app offline.
  • it's integrated with maps etc.
i haven't fully explored it yet, but some things that would be nice for it to do are:
  • make it easier to specify task due date (by popping out a calendar or something) and other relevant information about a task.
  • allow the user to put more details involving a task. (sometimes you need to store notes, addresses, etc. having to do with a task...)
  • allow for specification of a specific time of day as a deadline.
  • allow for priority as a function rather than flat setting. (an e-mail i need to write in september has low priority now but will have much higher priority as the "due date" approaches.)

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Eugene said...

Tip: search for the empty string and then save it as a smart list called "All".