Friday, June 02, 2006

haha let's give this another try

i'm not good at keeping up with things, but we'll see how this goes. this summer i have a desk in the closet (well not so much, but just as good), which affords me just the right amount of lack-of-privacy for me to write in this. i'm pretty excited.

i'm pretty bad at writing for the public, even if the public is not actually going to read what i write. maybe i will tell no friends about this and see how long it takes until people start coming across it. i predict it will take countably infinite number of milliseconds... to be precise.

maybe to make myself seem like a more colorful character i will start italicizing things and spelling things in the british manner.

anyway... how my life has been. i am reading buddenbrooks, which marianne told me is one book i should read this summer if i read any books at all. of course, since i became afraid of not reading any books at all this summer, i decided to read this book as soon as possible.

i've also started work, which is quite exciting. i sit at my desk and eat nutri-grain bars all day. it will take me quite a while to adjust to the working lifestyle--i really don't comprehend sitting at the same desk for hours on end every day of every week all the time forever.

speaking of work, i am still there--so i should probably go. a bientot, mes amies.