Monday, August 08, 2016

A Starter Reading List About Asian America

Race in America isn't something I talk a lot about online, but it is something I think a lot about. Today I was giving my friend Seth a short reading list about being Asian American when I realized that 1) I have such a list and 2) other people might like to see it too.

Here are some essays I like:
For a much longer read, I really liked Helen Zia's book, Asian American Dreams, about the formation of Asian American identity. (Tea that Burns is another good one about Chinese-American history. Fun fact: I wrote my high school junior history essay about the Chinatown that used to be in Pittsburgh. Yes, there was one until the city government put a highway through it.)

Apparently our friend Nate Hilger, an economics professor at Brown, is doing research on discrimination against Asian-Americans. He has a working paper, "Upward Mobility and Discriminations: the Case of Asian-Americans," here.

Of course, I've also been really enjoying the proliferation of TV shows featuring Asian-American immigrant family experiences: Fresh Off the Boat, Master of None, and The Mindy Project among them.

Would love to hear your suggested reading/watching.


Franklin Chen said...

Thanks for the list. As an older Asian-American guy, I will check them out.

Emily Zhang said...

Maxine Hong Kingston writes really beautifully about the female Asian-American experience (albeit in a completely different era). I've been reading and slowly savoring The Woman Warrior and am going to start some of her other work soon.