Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Game Called "Professor"

I first wrote this as a Facebook post and am reposting it here so it's easier to find.

I have been playing a game called "Professor." Still learning the rules, but here's what I have so far.

You are assigned an avatar, institution, and number of lives. You start out with some amount of money and influence. You trade the money and influence for students, which cost a fixed amount of money and variable amount of influence. Students generate discoveries, which convert to influence at variable rates partly determined by attributes of your avatar and institution. Collaborating with other professors can increase money, influence, and discoveries, but may reduce your number of lives. You have to do service work in order to retain your influence, but this reduces your number of lives. You may gain more lives through taking vacation, but this puts discovery generation on hold.
If you do not collect a cumulative total of enough students, influence, and discoveries before the "tenure point," the game is over. The game also ends when you run out of lives.

I welcome other players to share tips and tricks.


Robbie McKinstry said...
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Robbie McKinstry said...

Student: A student trades lives and time for discoveries. Lives can be bought with time, but the reverse is untrue. Additionally, a student trades time for dissertation points. The goal of the student is to obtain enough dissertation points to complete the dissertation. On competition, the student unlocks the Professor game mode, converting all discoveries into influence. The main challenge is that time is a fixed-income resource, so the student must balance between spending time on lives, dissertation points, and discoveries.

Unknown said...

I've found that I come up with my best ideas when I am on vacation. I'm not consciously thinking about work. However, I find that my mind is unconsciously grinding without being interfered with by the noise of day to day work. Then all of a sudden while sitting on the beach with a Mai Tai in my hand, a new research direction, or a new way to approach a problem just comes to me. At least this is what I tell myself when I am looking to plan a vacation :).

Ayrat Khalimov said...

(don't students also cost lives?:-)

There is a book "winning the games scientists play".
It has, for example, different typical career tracks of professors, how to be a good chair, etc.

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